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OVERKILL LABORATORY.. Based out of Richfield, Idaho for the last decade. We're just some folks with several years of digital, canvas, and street art experience under our hard working belts. We strive to excel in all that we do, and our company is our passion, pride, & priority. Founded under the original company name KolorKrown in 2007 and the LMN8R Design Co. in 2018, we've gained a lot of skill in different elements of professional design and manufacturing over the years- Evolving into the entity known as Overkill Lab, est. 2021.

Snow on Mountains


We want our customers to be not only satisfied, but flat-out impressed. What we're bringing to the table isn't generic shapes and fonts, and our products aren't run-of-the-mill designs. We only offer products that we are proud of. If it's a custom design specially for you or your business, you can be assured that it was created for YOU, and nobody else.


Quality Matters. Whether it's printed, cut, handmade, or digital...we ONLY offer quality.  No one wants to receive a sub-par service or product, but so many people are content with offering them.  We're not living in the good ol' days of pure craftsmanship and pride- it's becoming a rarity. Our company is raised and founded on Integrity and a Passion for creating... and you can guarantee we take Pride in our Craft.

Abstract Architecture


We offer a variety of creative services for individuals, organizations, and businesses of any size. We tailor our services to fit our customers visions and end goals.

  • CAD-Cut Vinyl

  • Inkjet Printed Vinyl

  • Decals & Stickers

  • Logo Illustration

  • Website & Graphic Design

  • Custom Clothing & Apparel

  • Standalone Transfer Printing

  • Yard Signs, Banners, & More

Please Contact Us with any requests! We'll do our best to help!

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